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Markets of Melbourne

Markets of Melbourne was formed recently following a collaboration by Queen Victoria, South Melbourne and Prahran Markets. They aim to raise the profile of market shopping among Melbournians and educate and inform about the benefits associated with shopping at your local market.

They say these facts serve as a reminder to consumers that responsible food shopping choices certainly do exist here in Melbourne.


  • The markets provide approximately 4500 Australians with jobs
  • Markets of Melbourne are home to 965 small businesses
  • Approximately 16.7 million people visit the Markets of Melbourne each year
  • The markets have a strong commitment to local producers and short chain deliveries
  • The markets have a direct connection with more than 250 local producers
  • It is estimated Markets of Melbourne contribute more than $1billion to the Victorian economy each year


  • The markets provide places for the community to meet and belong
  • The markets provide a valuable arena for artists, musicians and performers to gain exposure
  • The markets provide great places for children and families to interact and be entertained
  • 92,000 kilograms of fresh, high quality food is donated to Second Bite (and consequently on to feed the homeless and underprivileged) each year by the Markets of Melbourne


  • Over the past five years the Markets of Melbourne have reduced their water consumption by more than 23.5 mega litres, that’s over 400 domestic sized swimming pools
  • The Markets of Melbourne recycle 1060 tons of cardboard annually
  • The Markets of Melbourne activate more than 10 streams of recycling, including cardboard, water, organic matter, polystyrene and more

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