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Hairy Bikers' fare

May 25, 2013

My market has expanded recently. We've been spending a bit of time on the Bellarine Peninsula and I have been sussing out the local produce there.

I was delighted to find an excellent fish shop in Drysdale selling locally caught fish. I was even more delighted to discover they also sell smoked fish - something that's so difficult to find in my Melbourne neighbourhood.

A little north of St Leonards there's a fresh produce outlet I have also been visiting. Current favourite is the red-skinned Pontiac potatoes they sell. Their cauliflowers were looking particularly good the other day and reminded me of this great little recipe that featured a while back on the Hairy Bikers' cooking show.

The Spouse and I were positively drooling by the time they were serving up their dish and I just had to try this at home a few days later.

I didn't bother putting the cauliflower purée in a piping bag. I just spooned some onto the plates. But the dish was certainly worth the effort and I can feel a repeat performance coming on.


Seared scallops with pancetta and cauliflower purée

For the cauliflower purée
1 head cauliflower, broken into florets.
55ml double cream
150g Lincolnshire poacher cheese, grated
sea salt and white pepper

For the scallops
200g pancetta
20 scallops, trimmed, without the corals.
1 lime, juice only
sea salt flakes and ground black pepper

For the dressing and salad
55ml extra virgin olive oil
25ml white wine vinegar
55ml orange juice
orange, zest only
1 tsp wholegrain mustard
large handful rocket leaves

For the cauliflower purée, cook the cauliflower florets in a pan of boiling water for about 10 minutes, or until tender but with a bit of bite. Drain, then place the florets on a plate lined with kitchen paper to dry completely.

Place the florets in a food processor with the cream and blend to a smooth purée. Transfer to a pan and place over a medium heat. Stir in the cheese until melted, then season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Spoon into a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle and set aside until ready to serve.

For the scallops, fry the pancetta in a dry frying pan until the fat has been rendered out and the pancetta is crisp and golden-brown. Remove from the pan and cut in half, then set aside.

Return the frying pan with the pancetta fat to a high heat and sear the scallops for about 1 minute on both sides, or until golden-brown all over and just cooked. Squeeze over the lime juice and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

For the salad, whisk together the olive oil, white wine vinegar, orange juice and orange zest in a bowl until well combined. Drizzle the dressing over the rocket leaves and coat well. Divide the salad among four serving plates.

Pipe five blobs of cauliflower purée around the salad, place a piece of pancetta on top of each blob, then top each piece of pancetta with a scallop.


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