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A crisp winter salad

June 26, 2012


During Queen's Birthday weekend we hopped on a local tram and travelled two stops down the St Kilda 96 route to the Middle Park Hotel for a late lunch.

I love Melbourne's old pubs and there are plenty of them in walking distance or a quick tram ride from home, and most of them serve excellent pub grub.

MPH is no exception and, in tune with their royal jubilee celebration there were some retro dishes on the menu. I was soon tucking into sopme chicken Kiev nostalgia while the spouse feasted on cottage pie.

I particularly enjoyed the little salad that came with mine and recreated my own version a few days later to serve with a Portuguese fish stew.

You hardly need a recipe for it. It comprises cabbage, red, white and purple radishes and a small onion, all finely shaved, a generous handful of picked flat parsley leaves and a dressing of lemon juice, white wine vinegar and a fruity olive oil. It's surprising tasty for its simplicity and a lovelycool contrast to a hot casserole, or indeed a chicken Kiev.

I bought half a white cabbage for my salad. These are plentiful and nicely crisp at the moment and also make a colourful salad when teamed with the lovely dark red Treviso radicchio (below) now also in season.

Shred both finely, mix together and use your favourite dressing. The sweetness of the cabbage and the slight bitterness of the radicchio make this not only a pretty salad but an interesting one.

treviso radicchio

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