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Spring fruit salad

November 27, 2010

I was on a fruit mission last weekend. Son and his fiancée were coming round for dinner and I thought a nice fresh fruit salad would be good dessert on a warm day.

I’d bought a fresh pineapple already and had two mangoes sitting n the fruit bowl.

Cherries are in good supply and I found some for just $4.99 a kilo at the South Melbourne Fresh Fruit Centre. They looked fine to me so I grabbed a few along with a punnet of strawberries.

Another stall was selling half a dozen passionfruit for $2. They always remind me of the vine that went half the length of the wire fence between our house and our neighbours when I was a child. We kids used to scratch our names on the green fruit that would gradually turn to a scar as the fruit ripened. The wonderfully simple things that appeal to kids!

No one really needs a recipe for fruit salad. I put quarter of a cup of caster sugar in a small jug and dissolcved it in quarter of  a cup of hot water.  I then added the passionfruit pulp.

I peeled the pineapple and remove the woody centre and diced the fruit. I also diced the mango and removed the stalks and halved the washed strawberries.

I bought a new cherry/olive pitter recently after coming to the conclusion I had impulsively discarded mine when shifting house. The new one is far superior and made quick work of the cherries.

All the fruit went into a bowl and I stirred through the passionfruit mix and refrigerated the fruit salad, stirring a couple of times so everything had a chance to absorb the flavours. I added a few tiny mint sprigs before serving.

A nice creamy vanilla ice cream completed dessert and there were leftovers for a couple of breakfasts during the week.

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