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Welcome to my Ozzie Kitchen

In September 2005 I moved to Australia - and into an Ozzie Kitchen! Melbourne, in Victoria, is a paradise for the dedicated foodie. Here we have several markets scattered throughout the city, including regular farmers' markets. I live 100 metres from the South Melbourne Market and that's where I buy most of my fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Much of the produce available in New Zealand and Australia is the same. The seasons may be a little earlier here and there are a few tropical varieties available in Australia that we don't often see in New Zealand. Fish varieties are a bit different though some are familiar NZ species known by other names. Some are even imported from New Zealand.

Of course, with a larger population in Australia, there are plenty of specialist stores supplying the various ethnic communities that have burgeoned here - Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese and so on. And there are stores specialising in goods like nuts and dried fruits, cheeses, poultry. It all makes for a vibrant food scene that's an inspiration to any cook.

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