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22 September 2005
There are times when we like to sneak back for a bit of comfort food and a tasty meatloaf seems to fit into that category.

8 September 2005
Pan-fried Fish
When it comes to fish, the KISS theory is best. Keep it simple...

24 August 2005
If you've seen burghul at the supermarket and never been sure what to do with it, you might like to try this week's Middle Eastern salad.

10 August 2005
Gingered Sprouts
Brussels sprout - you love 'em or loathe 'em. If you're a loather this recipe might help you change your mind.

28 July 2005
Chicken Casserole with Preserved Lemons
Recently I gave a recipe for preserving lemons, Moroccan style. If you happened to make some at the time, they should be ready now to use in today's dish.

14 July 2005
Pork chops with Roasted Grapes
An easy roast dinner with an interesting garnish.

30 June 2005
Preserved Lemons
A jar of gloriously scented preserved lemons is an asset in any kitchen.

16 June 2005
Poussins with Persimmons
The botanical name for persimmons is diospyros whichmeans "food of the gods". While that may be stretching it a little, they are certainly a welcome addition to the winter fruit bowl.

1 June 2005
Laab Kai
An old friend introduced me to the delights of Thai food at a restaurant about 15 years ago. Since then I've been hooked.

18 May 2005
Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
The Pharaohs of Egypt were rather partial to mushrooms so they decreed that the fungi were food for royalty only, and commoners must never touch them - a fairly crafty way of ensuring any supplies would be solely for them.

21 April 2005
Kumara, Ham and Feta Frittata
A frittata is a very handy dish to have in your culinary repertoire. It makes an ideal luncheon dish and is also excellent picnic food.

7 April 2005
I was told a story recently about a guest at a function who scooped up a generous helping of wasabi and devoured it before anyone could stop her. She'd thought it was guacamole and it took her a good 10 minutes to recover.

25 March 2005
Citrus Kumara
Whether you call them yams, kumara or sweet potatoes, here is an interesting way to prepare them.

11 March 2005
Asian Marinated Mushrooms
It's suggested we eat at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Include some mushrooms.

24 February 2005
Ranch Dressing
Ranch dressing - an oldie but a goodie, as I rediscovered recently.

10 February 2005
Finocchio and Melon Salad
Roman warriors used to eat finocchio or Florence fennel to keep themselves healthy.

14 January 2005
Parmesan Mushrooms
A tasty brunch treatment for larger mushrooms.

4 January 2005
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
Buffalo mozzarella - you can't beat it. Here's an easy salad recipe..

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