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16 December 2004
Grilled PacRim Chicken
A tasty way to prepare chicken thighs that's easy on the waist.

1 December 2004
Roasted asparagus with Prosciutto
If you're watching your weight, asparagus is guilt-free. It has less than four calories a spear.

1 November 2004
Stuffed eggs with asparagus and smoked salmon
Try this for a nice springtime meal.

28 September 2004
Asparagus and capsicum frittata
Back from a trip to South Australia where we sampled lots of good food, it's time to get back to some cooking.

14 September 2004
Ursula's Bran Muffins
These yummy muffins can be mixed the night before then baked for Sunday brunch.

17 August 2004
Mushroom Omelet
The Spouse's brief spell as dinner chef comes to an end and I go in search of quick and easy food.

8 July 2004
Everlasting Cake
My mother-in-law tells me she used to make one of these cakes every Friday so there would be "something to cut into" if someone dropped in at the weekend.

1 July 2004
Aunt Betty's Ice Cream 2004
My uncle owned a dairy farm and there was always plenty of cream on hand. And Aunt Betty made the most of it.

8 June 2004
Spiced Pumpkin Soup
Unfortunately some of those pouches of soup from the supermarket are anything but interesting to eat. Make your own. It's worth the effort.

1 June 2004
Roasted tamarillos
The New Zealand Guild of Food Writers holds a breakfast for British restaurateur and TV chef Rick Stein. And yes, he confesses, he sometimes resents the attention paid to his dog Chalkie!

25 May 2004
Blue Cheese and Hazelnut Spread
We go to Auckland to celebrate The Spouse's birthday with some fine dining.

11 May 2004
Blue Cheese and Leek Quiche
The sons give me some hardware for Mother's Day and I head into the kitchen to cook for the grandmothers.

4 May 2004
Shoulder of lamb a la boulangere
The Spouse buys me a weighty cookbook and I delve in its pages for inspiration - a worthwhile visit.

20 April 2004
Bluff oysters
We feast on oysters from New Zealand's deep south. Oh, bliss!

29 March 2004
Squid and Prawn Salad
I was visiting my favourite fishmongers the other day when I noticed they had some bags of small frozen squid hoods for sale so I was immediately tempted.

23 March 2004
Frozen Mango Yoghurt
I put my new ice cream maker to the test.

9 March 2004
Lemon Polenta Cake
My local purveyor of Mediterranean goods sends me a great recipe from Italy.

2 March 2004
Cheese and salami muffins
We recap our 15 second of fame as part of the crowd noise in one of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

24 February 2004
Chunky Roast Medley
Where would we be without garlic? It is an integral part of many cuisines from around the world. How many dishes begin with some garlic and onion being sauteed in a little oil?

3 February 2004
Prawn and Mushroom Risotto
Suddenly all the TV chefs are cooking risotto. I join in.

27 January 2004
Koussa Mahshiya - Stuffed Zucchini
Pssst. Wanna zucchini?

20 January 2004
Prawn and Bean Salad
The Fossil celebrates her 80th birthday with prawns and crayfish.

3 January 2004
Smoked prawns with mango salsa
Prawns are good at any time, but particularly good smoked on the barbie.


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