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30 December 2003
Oven Roasted Tomatoes
Off the vine and into the oven - glorious summer tomatoes.

23 December 2003
Limoncello Savarin
A light and lemony treat that makes a pretty alternative to plum pudding at Christmas.

16 December 2003
Christmas Ice Cream
Sometimes I feel like shooting the Christmas reindeer.

9 December 2003
Margarita Pizza
A bit of cross cultural creativity as I use Lebanese bread as a base for a Margarita pizza.

2 December 2003
Barbecued Eggplant with Red Onions
I look at my cellphone display and find I am living in Middle-earth..

25 November 2003
Jamie Oliver's Seared Scallops and Crispy Prosciutto with Roasted Tomatoes and Smashed White Beans
The Spouse scores an unexpected treat when he goes searching for a sandwich filling.

18 November 2003
Groper with Tomato and Basil Salad
I lunch at one of the city's best hotels. As I gaze around the room at everyone wearing their best bib and tucker, sipping wine and relishing the delightful food, I'm immensely pleased they can't see what I was doing not an hour earlier.

11 November 2003
Lebanese Lamb and Lentil Salad
I read this rather gruesome story in the newspaper the other day about a man who had taken an axe to his brother because he hadn't expressed appreciation for the meal that had been prepared for him.

4 November 2003
Beetroot in several guises
A Lincolnshire beetroot grower farmer recently hit the headlines when he revealed the vegetable has aphrodisiac qualities.

28 October 2003
Moroccan Chicken Salad
A meal by the river inspires today's dish.

21 October 2003
Garlic Prawns
I do my bit to help keep the crocodile population down. And I indulge my passion for prawns.

14 October 2003
Oxtail stew
One week it's common old offal, the next it is plucked from obscurity and plonked on everyone restaurant menu.

7 October 2003
Stuffed veal rolls
Stuffed slices of veal rolled up and braised.

30 September 2003
Ox Tongue
Today's dish brings to mind the story about the man who dallied rather a long while at the pub one night and was a little apprehensive about the reception he would get from his wife, arriving so long after mealtime.

23 September 2003
Lamb with cannellini beans
I know summer is coming when they start preparing the cricket pitch in the park at the end of the street.

16 September 2003
Leek and smoked fish bake
I think the local post office people are wondering if I'm running some sort of trade in illicit goods because of the strange parcels I've been receiving. But I'm keeping them guessing.

9 September 2003
Pad Thai
A fellow food writer's recipe for a Thai classic.

2 September 2003
Edmonds Cheese Scones
The cats score a few treats and I make an old-time Kiwi favourite.

26 August 2003
Zucchini Ribbons
We watch our younger son graduate and catch up with his former flatmates. And I find a recipe that tempts my capricious appetite.

18 August 2003
Round-the-world Chicken

The wealth of ingredientsfor ethnic cooking canlead to some interestingexperiments in "fusion" cooking.

12 August 2003
Gary Rhodes' Goats' Cheese and Sweet Pepper Pancakes
We go out for brunch and return with a box of fluffy cats.

5 August 2003
Spicy Chicken Salad
For months we've been having an unusual seasoning on our food - plaster dust.

29 July 2003
Baked Beans
Looking for some fibre? Try making your own baked beans.

22 July 2003
Skate Wings with Black Butter Sauce
You may have seen skate at the fish-mongers but been dubious about trying it out. Don't be afraid! Skate wings make a delicious - and cheap meal.

15 July 2003
Spicy Coriander Chicken
We say farewell to a much loved member of the family.

8 July 2003
Colourful cauliflower
I was preparing dinner the other night and for some reason the phrase popped into my head - leaving home means you never have to eat Brussels sprouts again.

1 July 2003
Pork Liver Terrine
I was scanning an auction site recently and I came across a dear little terrine made by T G Green for Elizabeth David Ltd. It was soon sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be put to the test.

24 June 2003
Peter Thornley's Salmon Fondant with Rhubarb and Citrus Salad
Many dishes served in restaurants are quite within the capabilities of the accomplished home cook. But there are some dishes we would probably never tackle because they are either too fiddly, involve too many ingredients - or ingredients we don't have. Here's a challenge.

17 June 2003
Rice pudding
My first job overseas was as a reporter on a country newspaper in Victoria, Australia. I was a city girl and working in a country town, population circa 8000 people, was something of a culture shock. But my landlady was a pudding queen.

10 June 2003
Beef tangia with herbs
For some years I have belonged to one of those customer loyalty programmes, picking up a few points each time I did my supermarket shopping and now I own a beautiful enamelled cast iron Le Creuset casserole.

3 June 2003
Hearty Weekend Soup
Whenever an ex-pat Kiwi is asked if they would like a food parcel from home, one of those items that invariably ends up on the list is Vegemite.

27 May 2003
Ruth Pretty's Spicy Chicken and Pumpkin Cakes
A pity that the barbecue season has finished in these parts because The Spouse is fired up with enthusiasm and keen to get back on the business end of a pair of tongs.

20 May 2003
Braised Rabbit with Mash
As the days grow darker earlier, it's nice to scuttle back home and tuck into some of the winter specials we haven't eaten for several months.

13 May 2003
Irish Potato Cakes
My ancestors came from various parts of England, Ireland and Scotland to settle in New Zealand from the mid 1800s onwards. It must have taken a great deal of courage to leave friends and family behind and make the long voyage here by sailing ship. And some of them brought their favourite recipes came with them.

5 May 2003
Chicken Divan
Now I know why I enjoy food. I've just discovered one of my ancestors from the 1600s was called Angel Eatwell.

29 April 2003
Smoked fish pie
Every so often I will get a message from one of the sons asking how to make a dish. They can remember two or three of the most important ingredients, but the rest eludes them. This was one of their favourites.

22 April 2003
Potato and Leek Soup - With Variations
I have the house to myself over Easter, and a large pot of soup sustains me.

15 April 2003
International hamburgers
Some kids just never tire of hamburgers, specially real ones.

8 April 2003
Tajine Msir Zeetoon
Sharing a meal with friends is a wonderful experience.

1 April 2003
Tandoori Chicken
Even the cat is a great fan of this dish.

25 March 2003
Rosemary Potatoes
There's that jocular saying about boys and their toys. Believe me, no matter how old the boys are, toys are very important.

18 March 2003
Gin and Tonic Sorbet
Irecall a manI once workedwith remarkingapropos nothing: "I always find a little dab of gin behind the ears enhances any woman."

11 March 2003
At large in Hawke's Bay
The Spouse and I got away from it all at the weekend and indulged ourselves in New Zealand's premier wine district, Hawke's Bay. This region, with its two cities, Napier and Hastings, boasts some of the best vineyards in the country.

4 March 2003
Onions Monegasque
The weather in these parts is suddenly making a late run at being summer.

25 February 2003
Corn Fritters with Pineapple Salsa
The boys-in-shorts are currently swarming all over our section. But I manage to get on with the cooking, nonetheless.

18 February 2003
Spicy Sephardi baked fish with vegetables
With a cookbook library of more than 1200 books, it should be easy for me to find inspiration. But there are times when I flick through one after another, looking for something that will tempt the tastebuds.

11 February 2003
Thai Pork Salad
Thai food is a wonderful explosion of superb flavours.

4 February 2003
Mussels with Wine and Herbs
When I was a little nipper - about 5 or 6 - friends of my parents had one of those cars where the rear boot opened to reveal further seating. I'm always reminded of it when I see mussels.

28 January 2003
Tomato Relish
I have a few nasty habits. I don't regard them as nasty but people I know think they are a bit strange.

21 January 2003
Smoked Chicken Salad
The holidays end and I am the only one left to cook for.I rebel again designer foliage.

14 January 2003
Chicken with Herbs
I cook one of Antonio Carluccio's recipes for my mother's birthday.

7 January 2003
Summer Fruit Salad
By now I suppose most of us will have slipped up on adhering to our New Year's resolutions and the stores will be counting the number of days till next Christmas.


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