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31 December 2002
Mussel fritters
The nibbles at a wine tasting send me scuttling for the kitchen to try my hand at mussel fritters.

24 December 2002
Christmas dinner
What will we have for Christmas dinner. Turkey wins again. And this is a great recipe.

17 December 2002
Christmas baking to share
How often do we hear the refrain at Christmas - "I don't know what to get my mother/mother-in-law/aunt/sister/neighbour/brother. She/he has everything." Bake them something.

10 December 2002
Christmas goodies
I had an email from my sister the other day telling me how industrious she had been in her kitchen, preparing for the forthcoming Christmas festivities. Alas, I had no similar tale to tell her so I decide it is time to get motivated.

3 December 2002
Scallops and Prawns au Gratin
In the 1960s when I set about broadening my culinary horizons the Robert Carrier Cookbook and Carrier's Great Dishes of the World became my constant companions. Stained pages indicate my favourite recipes.

26 November 2002
Lahm bi'ajeen
Make these Lebanese pies in miniature for a tasty cocktail snack.

19 November 2002
Ruth Pretty's Roasted Vegetable Salad
I attend a cookbook author's lunch.

12 November 2002
Graham Brown's Rack of Cervena with Nut and Almond Crust
Cervena or venison. Call it either. Here is a way to cook it.

5 November 2002
Chicken Adobo
I've always yearned for a cook's library after seeing one in a book. My waiting has been rewarded.

29 October 2002
Pizza Wheels
There is a Down Under tradition called "Ladies a plate." Thousands of social gatherings have depended on it over the years.

22 October 2002
French Onion Tart
Forget about quiches stuffed with broccoli, leftovers and other unappetizing ingredients. Today it's back to basics.

15 October 2002
Celeriac Mash and Cavolo Nero
Black Tuscan kale braised to perfection.

8 October 2002
Wild Goat and Mint Casserole
I find some unusual goodies in the meat cabinet at a midtown market.

1 October 2002
Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb
Don't let the list of ingredients frighten you off - this is a simple dish.

24 September 2002
Chicken Breasts with Capsicum
It's good to see companies constantly extending their product ranges and taking heed of the trend towards healthier eating. Today's dish features light sour cream.

17 September 2002
Candied Orange Peel
I leave my uncle's garden with a lovely bag of oranges to turn into candied peel.

10 September 2002
Ian Hemphill's Chervil Soup
Australian Ian Hemphill has long been nicknamed Herbie. He's an expert on herbs and spices.

3 September 2002
Salmon with Steamed Buk Choy
Some years ago my sister Lynne worked in Singapore. She had the luxury of a housekeeper, Lily. This recipe features her famous dipping sauce.

27 August 2002
Cherry and Kiwifruit Savarin

Help. My house looks like the Australian desert. I go out to escape it and forget I was in the middle of making a yeast dough.

20 August 2002
Phillip Kraal's Lamb Shanks in Orange and Sage Sauce
This is one of the best lamb shank dishes I've ever tasted.

13 August 2002
Pumpkin and Leek Soup
I'm overwhelmed by leftover carpet. Where should I put it? Elementary, my dear Watson.

6 August 2002
Macaroni Cheese
Frequently I ask The Spouse what he would like for dinner. I really don't know why I ask. I suppose I am hoping for a burst of inspiration. Today he was in luck.

30 July 2002
Peter Gordon's Olivado Upside Down Cake
I am sitting in my new study making the most of the lack of noise. There are no builders hammering, no gas fitters fitting, no painters playing loud music, no electricians whistling.

23 July 2002
Poached Oranges
Our silver wedding anniversary makes me nostalgic for some old culinary favourites.

16 July 2002
Eggplant Caviar
We're invited to Government House for dinner last week. So what was on the menu?

8 July 2002
Smoked Oyster Savouries
A can of smoked oysters reminds me of an appetiser I used to make.

2 July 2002
Pork and Ginger Stir Fry
The cat comes home and I reclaim my kitchen.

25 June 2002
Smoked Fish Pie
Never plan to renovate a house you are about to move into. And never underestimate how long it will take.

11 June 2002
Anne Morton's Nutty Portabello Mushrooms
Mushrooms were a rare treat when I was a child. But not any more.

4 June 2002
Sundried Tomato Tapenade
One of the advantages of having grown up sons is reclaiming one's weekends.

28 May 2002
Yams with Mandarins
What we call yams in New Zealand aren't members of the sweet potato family. They are actually Oxalis tuberosa.

21 May 2002
Jerusalem Artichoke and Blue Cheese Soup
These strange knobbly vegetables combine well with blue cheese for a fine soup.

14 May 2002
Son Ben raids my pantry and then brings me a plate of sushi.

7 May 2002
Beef Olives
Is it the luggage or the baggage-handlers? How long should a suitcase last?

30 April 2002
Tuna Pie
It's worth building up a store cupboard for the days when you don't feel like going out shopping.

22 April 2002
Low Fat Pizza for One
Here's a really lazy way to make yourself a sustaining snack meal. And it's low-fat.

16 April 2002
Pollo con Peperoni
Why can't men watch rugby in silence?

9 April 2002
Cauliflower Italien
I've been swapping notes with friends and it seems that everyone is getting heartily sick and tired of the heap of coloured lettuce that so often masquerades as half of a meal these days.

2 April 2002
Grape Bread
When a local grape grower invites us out to his vineyard for lunch we seize the opportunity.

26 March 2002
Baked autumn vegetables
Daylight saving has ended and we are headlong into autumn. This is a wonderful time of the year to buy all that Mediterranean-style produce - peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes.

19 March 2002
Gingered Plums
The open homes have ended. There are no more phone calls from land agents wanting to show people through the property. No more tidying. Our house has been sold.

12 March 2002
Salmon parcels
There's a lot of theatre associated with rugby these days.

5 March 2002
Chicken Curry
The garage door suddenly erupts in a mighty explosion. But where are the bits?

26 February 2002
Stuffed mushrooms
Sometimes there's a culinary generation gap that will never be bridged.

18 February 2002
Chicken Veronique
I was overjoyed to return to work after the weekend - to have a rest. I spent the weekend on an exercise labelled "reducing the clutter."

12 February 2002
Chilled Sorrel and Potato Soup
We spend the weekend cleaning up the house and enjoy a soup from the garden we have to leave behind.

5 February 2002
Chicken with banana salsa
It's February, so where's the summer?

28 January 2002
Don's BBQ vegetables
Discussions on spouses' cooking prowess usually end up touching on their talents in the barbecuing department. Most men fancy themselves as a dab hand with the tongs. Mine is no exception.

22 January 2002
My mother, sister and I have a little family reunion.

15 January 2002
What fish is this?
It was labelled "Port beagle loins." At $NZ5.95 a kilo, it seemed like a bargain but what was it?

8 January 2002
Pork and spinach terrine
Going on a picnic? A pork and spinach terrine would be great in the picnic basket.

1 January 2002
Mushroom Risotto
Christmas seems to be forever coming, and then it is over in a matter of a few swift hours. And then it's time for simpler fare.


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