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25 December 2001
Turkey stuffing and brandy butter for the pudding
The men in the family are traditionalists when it comes to Christmas dinner.

18 December 2001
Bean salad
Our younger son James celebrates his 21st birthday and requests real food for real men.

11 December 2001
Jamie Oliver's Superb Pork Fillet Roasted on Rhubarb
One of my work colleagues enjoys pottering in the kitchen and sometimes takes a lunchtime stroll to pick up the meat for the evening meal. He's been buying a lot of pork fillets lately. I find out why.

4 December 2001
Stuffed courgette Salad
The weather has warmed up, but will it last?

27 November 2001
Spiced Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes
I receive a steady flow of recipe pamphlets from a variety of sources. This lot lured me into the kitchen.

20 November 2001
Spinach and Salmon Tart
Having the kids back home means remembering how to cook for four.

13 November 2001
Bala Thomson's Masala Lamb
A roasted leg of lamb with Indian spices.

6 November 2001
Basil and tomato pasta sauce
I am a great fan of the herb basil. These days it's readily available at the supermarket, growing in small pots. These can be placed as is in an attractive plant pot and put on the kitchen windowsill.

30 October 2001
Eggplant Stacks
We don't seem to eat as much red meat as we used to. Eggplant stacks make a good alternative, or they can be served as a side dish.

23 October 2001
Stuffed mushrooms
A box of mushrooms arrives on the doorstep and sends me into the kitchen.

16 October 2001
Cottage Cheese Bread
Some people gaze around them and see wonderful spring blossoms. I look and see nothing but misery. It's that time of the year when every lovely blossom, every wand of grass harbours the enemy - pollen.

9 October 2001
Crab fritters
Crabmeat is on special at the supermarket so I turn my bargain into fritters.

2 October 2001
Finocchio Salad
My Kiwi Kitchen column wins the Ferndale Electronic Media Award for Information Technology at the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers Awards. It's great to be recognised for doing something I enjoy ...

25 September 2001
Coriander Chicken
Recipes have a tendency to go through several evolutions in my kitchen as I change substitute ingredients. Sometimes I come across the original and I am surprised at the changes I've made.

18 September 2001
Men make abysmal patients. The Spouse is no exception. He gets a cold and it is "an extreme case of flu." He sags about the house, moaning, groaning and sniffling. And he loses his appetite!

11 September 2001
Breakfast pancakes
Years of billeting kids from visiting schools meant making plenty of pancakes.

4 September 2001
Witloof Salad
Witloof or endive can be cooked, but I much prefer it as a salad vegetable.

28 August 2001
Quinoa with tomatoes and leeks
It's an unusual grain from South America and it's called quinoa.

21 August 2001
I get myself busy peeling individual broad beans for today's Middle Eastern fare.

14 August 2001
Chicken breasts with stir-fried vegetables
I visit Melbourne and discover one of the more bizarre catering arrangements I have ever come across.

7 August 2001
Steamed Oriental Salmon
The local arts festival keeps us busy so meals are quick and light.

31 July 2001
Lamb Wellington
Red meat has tended to get a bit of a bad press in recent times, specially in those circles where the virtual elimination of fat from the diet is the goal. As with most things, moderation and a sensible approach seem to be the current thinking.

24 July 2001
Rhubarb Sponge
There's a market garden not far from our home that grows the most succulent rhubarb - nice crisp red stalks just plucked from the earth that day. ...

17 July 2001
Pears in Red Wine
A couple of picky eaters join our table and surprise everyone, including their parents.

10 July 2001
Irish Stew
The cat finds the warmest room in the house and I make Irish stew to fend off the winter chill.

2 July 2001
Braised lamb shanks
It pays to shop around for lamb shanks. Restaurants are making them trendy - and expensive.

25 June 2001
Chicken Kibbee
I don't think I will get a pilot's licence. I'd better stick to the cooking.

18 June 2001
Dill Pikelets with Smoked Salmon
We awake to find snow all over the lawn, the drive, the roof. It's a panel beater's dream for a couple of days and the local fracture clinics are pretty busy too.

11 June 2001
Spiced Lime Chicken
Nobody is shifting far from a heater in our house today. We console ourselves with a spicey chicken dish.

5 June 2001
Coq au Vin
Sometimes it's worth revisiting the classic dishes.

29 May 2001
Crepes Suzette
This classical French dessert - crepes with an orange liqueur sauce - is splendid for a special occasion and with a little planning can be stress-free.

22 May 2001
Kumara, Quince and Walnut Soup
Oysters and champagne - what a good way to celebrate a birthday.

15 May 2001
Savoury Muffins
Frequently we settle for a brunch at the weekends. These savoury muffins so down well.

8 May 2001
Brunch Bread
It's great having an assistant cook. This time Ben makes brunch.

1 May 2001
Watercress and Parsnip Soup
After last week's watercress salad that son Ben whipped up, we still had a fairly substantial bunch of watercress remaining. And so this weeks it's soup.

24 April 2001
Ben's Watercress Salad
The wanderer returns, binging some cheffing skills with him.

17 April 2001
Leek and Potato Soup
The leeks look particularly good at the local market so I come home with four of them in my bag.

10 April 2001
Lamb Steaks with Citrus Tabbouleh
A couple of Middle Eastern dishes make a good after-theatre meal.

3 April 2001
Plum clafoutis
The southern autumn approaches and we are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying fruit.

27 March 2001
Baba ghanoush
The temperatures in my corner of the world have been venturing into the low 30s as we enjoy late summer.

20 March 2001
We visit Sydney on the way home from London and enjoy some Aussie nosh.

13 March 2001
Bruschetta with tomato topping
I get a bad dose of flu in London and Italian food sustains me in my misery.

6 March 2001
Pasta with smoked salmon
A handful of ingredients in search of a recipe. That's how many dishes are born.

27 February 2001
Tomato and Basil Salad
At the heart of every chef's tools of trade are the knives. It's worth buying good ones and looking after them.

20 February 2001
Cranberry Punch
My first time watching polo and I sample a drink my parents used to imbibe in the 1950s.

13 February 2001
Smoked Salmon Pate with Melba Toast
I go on a fishing expedition and return with farmed salmon.

6 February 2001
Summer Pudding
I visit a berry farm and discover they make up packs for people like me who have difficulty choosing.

30 January 2001
Steak Parmigiana
The New Zealand Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau is running a new television campaign here in New Zealand.

23 January 2001
Grilled chicken with sate sauce
About 30 years ago my cousin Paddy's husband Adriaan introduced me to sate. I still use his recipe.

16 January 2001
Thai fish cakes
A friend brings his parents over to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately the weather doesn't oblige,

9 January 2001
Chickpea Salad
With our southern barbecue season in full swing, the leafy green salads start to pall and I look for some alternatives.

2 January 2001
Salmon loaf
It can be a starter or a light luncheon dish.

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