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26 December 2000
Kumara - NZ sweet potato
We can only dream of a white Christmas in this part of the world. But old traditions die hard.

19 December 2000
Ham Frittata
With Christmas comes a certain inevitability. The Christmas ham that was so delicious when first unveiled starts to become a bit of a millstone.

12 December 2000
Thai Chicken Salad
We take a break from cocktail party fare for a real meal.

5 December 2000
Regal Salmon Steaks with Salsa Verde
Another one from the brochures and a nice contrast in colours.

28 November 2000
Pickled Mushrooms
We head to Martinborough for the annual food and wine festival.

21 November 2000
Simple cocktail sauce for seafood
The A&P; Show has been part and parcel of New Zealand life for many, many years. A&P; stands for Agricultural and Pastoral and every district worth its salt has time set aside on the annual calendar for its local show.

14 November 2000
Scallops with mushrooms
It's been a fairly solid diet of fish for The Spouse and me this past week.

7 November 2000
Whitebait fritters
While many others are slaving over a hot desk, The Spouse and I take the waters. And we benefit from a fishmongers' price war.

31 October 2000
Harlequin Peppers
A colourful dish that tastes good, too, particularly if you add capers and anchovies.

24 October 2000
Pork and Red Peppers
There's nothing quite like attending a conference held in a hotel on the edge of the chardonnay block at a vineyard. Then it's back home for Pac Rim flavours.

17 October 2000
This recipe was given to me several years ago by an Egyptian diplomat's wife. I've made it many times since. It features okra.

10 October 2000
Spring has arrived and so has the new season's asparagus.

3 October 2000
Pan-fried fish
I turn down the fishmonger's offer to let me fillet my own fish.

9 September 2000
Chicken with Herbs
Chicken or fish? Today it's chicken.


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